“Dan adapun orang-orang yang bakhil dan merasa dirinya cukup serta mendustakan pahala terbaik, maka kelak Kami akan menyiapkan baginya (jalan) yang sukar. Dan hartanya tidak bermanfaat baginya apabila ia telah binasa” [Al Lail 8-11]

Ebook Teknik ID 951-1000

951 Katalog : Corky Binggeli
Building Systems for Interior Designers

Penerbit John Wiley & Sons, Canada, 2003


Jumlah : 469 hal. - 7943 KB

952 Katalog : Jonathan Hill
Actions of Architecture

Penerbit Routledge, New York, 2003

Deskripsi : The Role of the User, Montage After Shock.

Jumlah : 213 hal. - 8527 KB

953 Katalog : Robert C Elsenpeter
Build Your Own Smart Home

Penerbit McGraw Hill, USA, 2003

Deskripsi : Meet the Smart Home, Smart Home Safety Systems, Smart Home Utility Systems, Smart Home Entertainment and Integration.

Jumlah : 383 hal. - 8675 KB

954 Katalog : Kendra Schank Smitj
Architects Sketches Dialogue and Design

Penerbit Elsevier, USA, 2008

Deskripsi : Introduction and the sketch, Play, quickness and Festina Lente, Memory, imagination and fantasy, Caricature as a mode of transformation, The grotesque sketch, Observation/compendium and likeness.

Jumlah : 153 hal. - 8810 KB

955 Katalog : Michael Brawne
Architectural Thought The Design Process and and the Expectant Eye

Penerbit Elsevier, Burlington, 2003

Deskripsi : Time, Two temples, Can we describe how we design?, Three monuments, Witnesses, Thinking & drawing, Was it like this?, Travel, books & memory, The vernacular & style, Materials, Structure, Light, Architecture & language, Looking at pictures, The office & the school, Does it matter?, Critical innovation.

Jumlah : 191 hal. - 9068 KB

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Building Facade Maintenance Repair n Inspection

Penerbit ASTM International, USA, 2004

Deskripsi : Reporting Unsafe Conditions at Public Schools and Private Structures, Evolution of the Development of the Chicago Facade Inspection Ordinance, New York Citys Local Law 10 at Twenty: Critical Issues for Critical Examinations, Façade Ordinances and Historic Structures - Theoretical and Practical Conservation Issues in Inspection and Repair, etc.

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Analysing Architecture

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958 Katalog : Cate Bramble
Architects Guide to Feng Shui

Penerbit Architectural Pass, Burlington, 2003

Deskripsi : Introduction: global perspective, Expert rules, Protoscientific and pseudoscientific conventions, Calculations, Planning, Environmental assessment, Human factors, Crime and its relation to the environment, Structures, An overview of the theory of time and space, Form and shape theory in time and space theory, Services, Chapter Overlooked and overblown issues of drainage, water supply and storage, ventilation, electrical supply and installation, lighting, and sound, Building elements, Resources.

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959 Katalog : Ronny Palungkun
Menghijaukan Ruangan

Penerbit Penebar Swadaya, Jakarta, 202

Deskripsi : Ruang hijau dan nyaman dengan tanaman, ragam tanaman hias ruangan, pot dan peralatan, awal langkah penghijauan, kesesuaian ruangan dengan tanama, membentuk mini garden, tata laksanan perawatan.

Jumlah : 138 hal. - 6616 KB UNDUH

960 Katalog : Aries Sationo
Autodesk Inventor Profesional 2009

Penerbit Andi, Yogyakarta, 2010

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961 Katalog : Green Building Council
Green Building Rating System

Penerbit Green Building Council, USA, 2002

Deskripsi : Sustainable sites, water efficiency, engergy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation & design process.

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Penerbit Reaktion Books, London, 2006

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European Landscape Architecture

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Gender Space Architecture An Interdisciplinary Introduction

Penerbit Routledge, New York, 2000

Deskripsi : Prologue: Leslie Kanes Weisman Womens Environmental Rights: A Manifesto, Jane Rendell, Barbara Penner and Iain Borden Editors General Introduction, GENDER, etc.

Jumlah : 449 hal. - 2094 KB

965 Katalog : -
Good Lighting for Health Care Premises 7

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

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Greening Your Home

Penerbit McGraw Hill, USA, 2008

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967 Katalog : John Barrows
Green Building and Remodeling

Penerbit Penguin Group, USA, 2009

Deskripsi : Green Home Basics, Your Homes Structure, Energy, Water and Air, Outdoors.

Jumlah : 338 hal. - 2772 KB

968 Katalog : -
Good lighting for Hotels and Restaurants 11

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

Deskripsi : Trends, Public areas, Circulating areas, Private areas, Offices, Kitchens and utility rooms, Façades and outdoor areas, Lamps, Lighting management, Emergency lighting and regulations, Acknowledgements for projects and photographs, Ordering booklets, Imprint.

Jumlah : 52 hal. - 2804 KB

969 Katalog : -
Good Lighting for Schools and Educational Establishments 2

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

Deskripsi : Learning environment and life environment, Lighting and human needs, Light for learning, Classrooms, Special-subject classrooms, etc.

Jumlah : 52 hal. - 3112 KB

970 Katalog : -
Good Lighting for Sports and Leisure Facilities 8

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

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Jumlah : 44 hal. - 17627 KB

971 Katalog : -
Good Lighting for Museums Galleries and Exhibitions 18

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Folding Architecture

Penerbit BIS, Amsterdam, 2003

Deskripsi : -

Jumlah : 74 hal. - 4026 KB

973 Katalog : -
Good Lighting for Sales and Presentation 6

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

Deskripsi : Emotion – Experience –Success, Corporate Identity, The impact of light, Signal from a distance: façades, Everything under one roof: shopping malls, etc.

Jumlah : 40 hal. - 4248 KB

974 Katalog : Ulrich Knoock
FutureEnvelope 2

Penerbit IOS Press, -, 2009

Deskripsi : Market Movements and New Façade Concepts, The Façade Sector, Corrugated Glass as Improvement to the Structural Resistance of Glass, Climate integrated Design (Climate iD) of Building Skins, 'The Living Façade'®, CROFT - Climate Related Optimized Façade Technologies, Research into Complex Façade Geometries as a Response to Climate in the Work of Newtecnic Architects, etc.

Jumlah : 153 hal. - 4662 KB UNDUH

975 Katalog : Wim Wiewel
Global Universities and Urban Development

Penerbit The Lincoln Institute of land Policy, New York, 2008

Deskripsi : The University, the Devolving State, and Development. The University and the Contested City.Lessons Learned.

Jumlah : 361 hal. - 5428 KB

976 Katalog : Ryan K Smith
Gothic Arches Latin Crosses

Penerbit The University of North Carolina Press, USA, 2006

Deskripsi : Catholic Churches, The Cross, The Gothic, The Flowers.

Jumlah : 239 hal. - 5681 KB

977 Katalog : -
Good Lighting for Offices and Office Buildings 4

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

Deskripsi : Office work, Office space, Office lighting, Cellular offices, Group offices, Combi offices, Open plan offices, Prestige offices, itc.

Jumlah : 52 hal. - 6105 KB

978 Katalog : Maiken Umbach
German Cities and Bourgeois Modernism 1890-1924

Penerbit Oxford University Press, New York, 2009

Deskripsi : The Sense of Time: Configuring History and Memory in the City. The Sense of Place: Representing the Local in the Modern City. Nature and Culture: Greening the City. The Designed Object: Commercial Culture and the Global Market. Liberal Governmentality and the Spatial Politics of ‘Bürgerlichkeit’. Conclusion and Epilogue: Bourgeois Modernism and National Socialism.

Jumlah : 266 hal. - 6446 KB

979 Katalog : Roger Connah

Penerbit Reaktion Books, New York, 2005

Deskripsi : Pioneering Finnish Modernism. Independence: Rehearsals for Modernism. White Functionalism: The Modern Agenda. War: Standardization and Solidarity. Expressive Modernism: The Banquet Years. Fellow Travelling: Militancy, Mies and Constructivism. Deconstruction and Reconstruction. Late Modernism, Critical Humanism.

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980 Katalog : Frank Gehry
Frank Gehry MARTa Herford

Penerbit Brikduser, Switzerland, 2005

Deskripsi : -

Jumlah : 105 hal. - 7843 KB

981 Katalog : Usonia
Frank Lloyd Wright

Penerbit Editoria Liberia Tecnica CP67, -, -

Deskripsi : Vida y personalidad de Wright. Aprendiz en Chicago. Su carácter. Taliesin. Como se construye en Estados Unidos. La Obra. Etc.

Jumlah : 169 hal. - 9068 KB

982 Katalog : R Stephen Sennott
vEncyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture

Penerbit Taylor & Francis Books, New York, 2004

Deskripsi : -

Jumlah : 968 hal. - 9310 KB UNDUH

983 Katalog : tomatbangun.blogspot.com
Pondasi Tiang Pancang

Penerbit http://tomatbangun.blogspot.com/2012/06/pondasi-tiang-pancang.html, -, -

Deskripsi : Mengapa harus Pondasi Tiang Pancang ?.

Jumlah : 37 hal. - 804 KB

984 Katalog : -
stud connector

Penerbit -, -, -

Deskripsi : -

Jumlah : 39 hal. - 1004 KB UNDUH

985 Katalog : -
Campuran Semen

Penerbit pakteguhs.blogspot.com, Surabaya, 2012

Deskripsi : Campuran Semen,Tanya bagaimana kita tahu bahwa adukan, KONVERSI KUAT TEKAN BETON, Sampel Beton Untuk Pengujian, SNI 7394-2008, Rumus konversi mutu beton.

Jumlah : 38 hal. - 1043 KB UNDUH

986 Katalog : Bob Greenstreet
Law and Practice for Architects

Penerbit Elsevier, London, 2005

Deskripsi : The architect and the law, The building industry, The architect in practice, Law and the design phase, Contract formation, The construction phase, Completion, Dispute resolution.

Jumlah : 142 hal. - 1298 KB UNDUH

987 Katalog : -
LED Light from the Light Emitting Diode 17

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

Deskripsi : LEDs are changing the world of light, The LED light source, LED modules, Advantages at a glance, Typical applications, LED light in use, Operational and Control Equipment, etc.

Jumlah : 32 hal. - 1489 KB UNDUH

988 Katalog : Albert W
How to Start and Operate Your Own Design Firm

Penerbit Allorth Press, New York, 2007

Deskripsi : Making the Decision, The Reality of a Start, Getting Down to Business.

Jumlah : 257 hal. - 1531 KB UNDUH

989 Katalog : Bob Cameron
Illumination and Decoration of Flat Surfaces

Penerbit Land Links, Australia, 2009

Deskripsi : Glancing light on flat surfaces, Avoiding the effects of glancing light, Colour, lighting and energy efficiency, Plasterboard, External lightweight cladding, Gloss paint on flat surfaces, Recommendations.

Jumlah : 41 hal. - 1632 KB UNDUH

990 Katalog : -
licht wissen Lighting quality with electronics 12

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

Deskripsi : Lighting quality, Conventional quality features, Harnessing daylight, Lighting management, Lighting control, etc.

Jumlah : 32 hal. - 2788 KB UNDUH

991 Katalog : -
licht.wissen Good Lighting for Schools and Educational Establishments 02

Penerbit Fordergemeinschaft gutes licht, -, -

Deskripsi : Learning environment and life environment, Lighting and human needs, Light for learning, Classrooms, Special-subject classrooms, Special-subject classrooms, etc.

Jumlah : 52 hal. - 3112 KB UNDUH

992 Katalog : www. osram.com
Lighting Ideas

Penerbit voltimum, -, 2007

Deskripsi : LED luminaires, batten luminaires, furniture luminaires, compact luminaires, spotlights, table luminaires, outdoor luminaires, plant luminaires, torches, special luminaires, accessories, at a glance.

Jumlah : 115 hal. - 3467 KB UNDUH

993 Katalog : Steven V Szokolay
Introduction to Architectural Science 2nd

Penerbit Elsevier, USA, 2008

Deskripsi : Heat: the thermal environment. Light: the luminous environment. Sound: the sonic environment. Resources.

Jumlah : 356 hal. - 3596 KB UNDUH

994 Katalog : -
licht wissen 01 Lighting with Artificial Light

Penerbit licht.de, -, -

Deskripsi : The medium of light, From nature‘s light ... to artificial lighting, The physics of light, The physiology of light, Lighting level – Maintained illuminance and luminance, etc.

Jumlah : 64 hal. - 3754 KB UNDUH

995 Katalog : Christopher Cuttle
Lighting by Design

Penerbit Architectural Press, -, 2003

Deskripsi : Observation. Visualization. Realization.

Jumlah : 235 hal. - 3757 KB UNDUH

996 Katalog : Departemen Pekerjaan Umum
Gambar standar rangka baja bangunan atas jembatan A dan B

Penerbit Bina Marga, Jakarta, 2005

Deskripsi : Detail sambungan rangka baja.

Jumlah : 180 hal. - 10356 KB UNDUH

997 Katalog : Departemen Pekerjaan Umum

Penerbit Bina Marga, Jakarta, 2009

Deskripsi : Beton Tailing (SKh-1.7.1), Campuran Beraspal Dingin Dengan Asbuton dan PEREMAJA Aspal Emulsi, Campuran Beraspal Panas dengan Asbuton (SKh-6.3.1a), Campuran Beraspal Panas dengan Asbuton Lawele (SKh-, Geotekstil (SKh-1.3.5), Grouting di Bawah Perkerasan Jalan Beton (SKh-1.7.20), Lapis Penetrasi MacAdam Asbuton (LPMA) (SKh-6.6), Lapis Penetrasi Makadam Asbuton Lawele (SKh-, Lapis Pondasi Pasir Aspal (SKh-1.5.7), Pekerjaan Asphalt Sealcoat dengan bahan Asbuton Mastik Emulsi (SKh-1.6.8), dll.

Jumlah : 284 hal. - 9045 KB UNDUH

998 Katalog : Armaini Akhirson Karaini
Seri Diktat Kuliah Pengantar Manajemen Proyek

Penerbit Universitas Gunadarma, -, -

Deskripsi : Konsep manajemen proyek, perencanaan pelaksanaan dan pengawasan proyek, penyelesaian dan evaluasi proyek.

Jumlah : 69 hal. - 1475 KB UNDUH

999 Katalog : Robert Happy
Microsoft Project 2010 Project Management

Penerbit Wiley, Canada, 2010

Deskripsi : Getting Started the right way, planning essentials, communicating and reporting essentials, tracking and analyzing essentials.

Jumlah : 455 hal. - 40259 KB UNDUH

1000 Katalog : Carl Chatfield
Microsoft Project 2010 Step by Step

Penerbit Microsoft Press, USA, 2010

Deskripsi : Simple scheduling, advanced scheduling, special subjects.

Jumlah : 475 hal. - 37662 KB UNDUH

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